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TO LIVE & RIDE IN L.A. - Collector's Edition DVD

Image of TO LIVE & RIDE IN L.A. - Collector's Edition DVD

$15.00 - On Sale

TRAFIK presents the Collector's Edition DVD of To Live & Ride in L.A...

From high speed racing on deadly freeways to midnight loft parties, To Live & Ride in L.A. captures underground cycling culture like you've never seen it before. Featuring fixed gear legend Keo Curry (Fast Friday, Macaframa), the film follows a band of L.A.'s most infamous riders as they live fast, ride brakeless, and defy the rules of the road.


• 40 minutes of Bonus Features
• Custom box artwork by Swank One
• Glossy insert Soundtrack Poster and Photo Sheet

Pick up the first-run printing of this cult hit. A dope addition to any classic collection. DVD is compatible with international players.


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